“I have come across only a few bamboo rods that can handle multiple fishing circumstances very well. The “Moluntha” is one of my favorite rods because it adapts well, can handle very accurately in close but can shoot tons of line out when needed while still being very delicate and accurate. There is a very identifiable power stroke and it loads quickly and roll casts beautifully. It is not only a superb dry fly rod but is an excellent nymph fishing rod as well. I personally have put this rod through the rigors of everyday fishing, have fought monster Browns and Rainbows and frequently use it as a travel rod for all of the above reasons. Love it. Thanks again Clint” ~Marlon Short, London Ontario

“Hi Clint, Received the fly rod today and it's a thing of beauty.” “It is absolutely wonderful and a work of art”. I am very pleased with the rod and am heading to a fly fishing show in Pleasanton Ca. tomorrow and will wear your shirt” “Thanks so much for the rod and it was well worth the wait” ~Ken Conway, Paso Robles CA

“Hi Clint, wanted to let you know I have been fishing with the rod I ordered from you for the last three seasons and I love it. I have taken it with me to the North Platte, the Green River, and the Snake for the last three seasons. It has been a great pocket water rod as well as a reliable drift boat rod and have taken on some humongous Browns with it. Its a blast to cast and handles our wind swept weather really well. Thanks for the beautiful rod once again.” ~Wayne Jensen, Cheyenne Wyoming

“Walt Carpenter is not the only Rod Maker in this country. He may come close to your superior skill and craftsmanship but not that close. I’ve been fishing this rod with a Phoenix D.T. 4wt., and it’s fast becoming my favorite rod. I keep looking at this rod, great workmanship. Will be looking forward to getting another rod from you, great job Cllint” ~Jerry Yancsek, Trout Run PA

“Took my new rod fishing on the St. John River last week. I broke it in with some nice trout and some good company. A great smooth casting rod and I really like the accuracy and control. It’s a beauty. Now my son wants one, thanks for the beautiful rod and fine craftsmanship that went into it Clint”.

~Joe Farrell, Fredericton Canada

“Being a small stream enthusiast and living in Breckenridge Colorado I often look to a smaller trout rod that I can pack and hike into high mountain streams with. My home stream is the Blue River and wanted a 7’ 4wt. that I could regularly fish with on my favorite water as well. After talking with Clint on the phone he steered me to his “Johnny Logan” taper a 7’ 4wt. 2 piece. He calls it “a true 4 weight”. It loads really quick, casts buttery smooth, and delivers a dry fly where I want it. It is now my favorite rod to feed my small stream fever. It’s also a drop dead gorgeous rod! I have the “Little Mecoche” a 6’9” 4wt. on order and can’t wait to fish this little gem next spring” ~John Renzetti, Breckenridge CO

“Had my “Trails End” mailed to me six months ago and I’ve been fishing it hard ever since. I fish The Frome avidly and anyone who fishes it knows it’s a very technical stream. Clint is familiar with this type of water and recommended this rod because of it’s quiet and precise presentations with a dry fly. It loads up beautifully in close yet shoots line afar with ease. I use a 4wt. line in it for calm days but load it with a 5wt. for more blustery ones. This rod is immaculate in every sense of the word, and a joy to cast with.”

~Bryson Gray, Dorchester England

“Just took my 7’6” 3pc 5 weight you completed for me last month to Elton Creek and was delighted with it on the first cast. I caught some fine Browns on its first fishing trip as well. Great craftsmanship Clint!

~Rob Taylor, Bethlehem NY

“Thanks again Clint for another fine casting tool. Took the “Moluntha” up to the Cranberry last weekend and caught some great Brookies and Browns. This rod has a progressive action and matches my style of fishing perfectly. The hardware on this rod is stunning!” ~Dave McKenzie, Charleston WV